AFTER HOURS - Moisturizing Lotion Acne Treatment

from $25.20

CLEAR THE WAY - Acne Treatment Pads

from $34.20



KICK OFF HYDRATING LOTION - Broad Spectrum SPF30 Sunscreen

from $41.80


from $169.10

SPOT ON - Roll On Acne Treatment

from $22.80

The Trio


WASH AWAY - Gel Cleanser Acne Treatment

from $30.40

  • RAF FIVE™ Product Line Up

    with Karyn Grossman, MD

Customer Testimonials

“I am really impressed with this skin care products. I had dark spots, blemishes, acne but these products worked really well for me, and I see the results.“
“The spot treatment was also great for targeting pimples. I noticed once I used it in an area the pimple was usually gone within 24/48 hours or appeared less irritated. Great for quick spot treatment!”
“I absolutely love the little scrubber attached to the cleanser bottle. Cleanses and smooths skin effectively with no skin irritation. Nice lather as well as scent. I definitely recommend for its effectiveness and cleansing power.”
“The acne treatment pads are a game changer! These are such a great substitution for using a toner and cotton ball. I love the convenience of this product.“